Recently I bought I new harddrive for my home pc because my mp3 player had more space than my computer.

Now I’m still running the operating system from the old drive, but I’m planning to reinstall the system. That leads me to the choice of the operating system. First choice would be to try out MacOS X, but as you know that’s not possible on a PC. So, the actual choice will be which linux distribution to pick.
In the past I’ve been using Mandrake 9 and Fedora Core 2, but both of them have new versions out which I didn’t use yet.

I also heard lots of positive things about Gentoo Linux, and at first sight it sure looks nice, but I never saw it running.
So, what do you think would be best operating system to choose as a java developer?

And when the choice of distribution is made, there’s still the dilemma of the window manager. I used to prefer light weighted environments like WindowMaker or Enlightenment, but I haven’t been following the latest developments.

I would like to have a nice and clean environment that doesn’t need lots of tweaking, so I can focus on java development. Of course it’s allways fun if it looks good too.