I didn’t write about my experiences at Javapolis yet, but two of the presentations I attended inspired me so much that I immediately wanted to start using those technologies.

The first presentation I’m talking about is the WebWork presentation by Jason Carreira. I’ve been using Struts for the last couple of years, but if I see how much better WebWork looks I wonder why I’m still using Struts. And of course there’s also Strus TI, where WebWork and Struts will be merged into one framework, which I think will be a very good thing.

The second presentation that inspired me is the Maven 2.0 presentation by Vincent Massol. I looked at Maven 1.x in the past and decided to stick to Ant for my projects. But after seeing the presentation of Maven 2.0, with all its new features, I really want to give it a try.

So, I started with adding Maven support to my LinkDropper application. To make it a bit easier for myself I looked at how Matt Raible added Maven to Equinox. It must be said that both Equinox and AppFuse are a big help when learning how to implement certain technologies in an application.

A first result of my switch to Maven can be seen at linkdropper.org, a project site generated by Maven.
Secondly I want to refactor the application to use WebWork instead of Struts. I think the change shouldn’t be too difficult. But I haven’t started changing the code because I’m waiting for WebWork 2.2 to be released later this week.
In order to learn about WebWork I’m reading WebWork in Action by Patrick Lightbody and Jason Carreira, the creators of WebWork.