If you have visited my site before you may have noticed that the design has changed a little.
In reality, the graphic design is the only thing that is not brand new. I have completely rewritten the whole webapp using Struts for the front end, Spring for the middle tier and Hibernate for the back end.

Reason was that I wanted to learn more about Spring and Hibernate. So, I thought rewriting my website using these technologies would be the best way to learn it.
My starting point was Matt Raible‘s Spring Live book and I have to say it’s a wonderfull book to get started with Spring. I like Matt’s approach to first build a basic webapp step by step and then going into detail in the next chapters.
What I like about Spring is the Inversion of Control and the Hibernate

First I thought about using Spring MVC for the front end as well, but I’m so used to Struts’ DispatchAction and tag libraries that I changed my mind.