Yesterday noon I was interviewed by someone from an Antwerp consultancy company after I sent my curriculum to them. Of course I did hope they would offer me a job, but apparently they don’t have any projects where they can fit me in right now.
Nevertheless it was a very interesting conversation from which I learned a lot. According to this person most of their clients are looking for professionals with several years of experience. According to me this is even a common tendency. That’s why I’m starting to doubt that I will find a job as a pure Java developer. The fact that I am a Certified Java Programmer now and that I’m using Java intensively for more then a year now, doesn’t seem to be well enough.

Besides from that I also have several years of experience with Lotus Domino, and I’m a Certified Lotus Specialist. So maybe combined with my Java knowledge I might have a change to get a job in this sector.
Just an hour ago I recieved a call from a job agency which brought me the news that a Brussels company is looking for a Java developer with some Lotus Notes skills. Since this is a hard to find profile I think I might have a realistic change there. I have an appointment with this company for next thursday. I keep my fingers crossed.