Thanks to ZDNet I just discovered the best RSS aggregator I’ve seen so far: RSS Bandit, a .Net project, written in C#.
Most of the features I was missing in SharpReader (my favorite reader up untill now) are supported in RSS Bandit. You can for example automatically save your feed list via ftp or webdav, define the update interval, define a stylesheet to format the feeds, set security settings for the internal web browser,…
When remotely storing the feed list it even stores the state of the items. So when I’m reading feeds at work I don’t have to figure out anymore which ones I’ve allready read at home.

Storing remotely with webdav is also very usefull to me, because my employer’s firewall blocks ftp. So, with with webdav I can still use the remote storage feature. Very neat.

This is the most complete aggregator I’ve seen yet. Way to go!