A blog aggregator

Wouter Technology

I started to rebuild this site using Struts, because I am planning to extend the possibility to syndicate other rss feeds. I see it as my own blogrolling system where I can see the topics on each blog and even read the content of the topics. And when that system will be running I could add the possiblity for other people to create a list of blogs they want to follow.

The quest for work

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Yesterday noon I was interviewed by someone from an Antwerp consultancy company after I sent my curriculum to them. Of course I did hope they would offer me a job, but apparently they don’t have any projects where they can fit me in right now. Nevertheless it was a very interesting conversation from which I learned a lot. According to this person most of their clients are looking for professionals with several years of experience. According to me this is …


Wouter Technology

Version 3 of A List Apart has been launched yesterday. ALA is a site “For people who make websites” and contains a lot of interesting articles about web standards.

A new server

Wouter Technology

Today i moved Wouter.Net to a new server. I opened a VPS account at RimuHosting, and I’m really impressed by the possibilities of such a VPS account. It’s like your managing your own reallinux webserver. I allready installed Apache 2.0.46, Tomcat 4.1.27, the mod_jk2 module and a mysql server. It really feels great to be in control of everything myself!

CSS Rollovers

Wouter Technology

Petr Stanicek shows us a brilliant way of doing pure CSS Rollovers at his site. No preloading is needed at all ! He simply puts all pictures into one image and changes the background position on rollover.

Learning Struts

Wouter Technology

I’m having a great time right now learning Struts. No�l is doing a great job explaining us this nice framework. So, by the end of this week I should understand what struts are all about and be able to build my own application based on struts. Next weekend I hope to rebuild my resume site using the struts framework. (Or maybe not because I ought to study for my SCWCD exam).

Flanders International Film Festival Ghent

Wouter Culture

Today was the first day of the Film Festival in Ghent (where I live). Unfortunately I do not have the budget to visit a lot of films. Maybe I’ll pick one or two from the program, because some of them are looking really promising. One thing I will certainly visit is the Vidiots killed the Radiostar project in Vooruit next friday, organised by VZW Vidiots in co�peration with Film Festival Ghent. It will be a clash between Daan‘s sexy electronica …

Email Address Enkoder

Wouter Technology

On Jeffrey Zeldman‘s site I found a link to Enkoder 6.0, a very usefull and free anti-spam email address encoder created by Hivelogic. Posting your email address on your web-site is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of spam. One way to protect yourself is to “encode” your address, making it more difficult to discover. The Enkoder Form will encrypt your Email address and convert the result to a self evaluating JavaScript, hiding it from Email-harvesting robots which …