Today I recieved an invite to check out Odeo:
 Odeo is the place to browse, listen, upload, download, sync podcasts to your iPod (or any Mp3 player).

I must admit I’m pretty impressed. I installed OdeoSync and subscribed to some channels on the Odeo website. OdeoSync then automatically downloaded the latest podcast from each channel and added them to iTunes.

Another nice thing is that I could easily add new audio feeds as Odeo channels. I’ve added 2 feeds, the podcast feed from Gent.blogt and the feed from Smetty‘s personal site.
So, Smetty, I don’t know if you have access to Odeo yet, but if you have you’ll notice that your feeds are allready there. But you can still claim them as yours, of course.

And to Evan Williams from Odeo I can only say: Keep up the good work!