Now that FeedDemon 2.0 final has been released and NewsGator Online recieved a brand new look and feel, I think it’s a good time to write about my experience with NetNewsWire, NewsGator & FeedDemon.

Ever since I’ve got my G5 at home, I’ve been hooked up to NetNewsWire, but I didn’t find any decent equivalent for Windows to use while in the office. I’ve been using RSS Bandit on PC for a long time now, because it has a lot of good features. One of them was the possibility to sync between different machines. But this synchronization was only working between RSS Bandit clients, which means only between Windows machines.

So, what I really wanted was a way to synchronize my feeds between NetNewsWire and some Windows aggregator. And that’s where NewsGator recently came in the picture.
Since NewsGator bought over Ranchero Software they have been working on synchronization between NetNewsWire and NewsGator Online. This functionality will be available in NetNewsWire 2.1, which I guess will be released in the near future. I have been working with NetNewsWire 2.1 Beta for a while now and the synchronization works great.
Then, for the Windows platform, there is
FeedDemon, which is also part of the NewsGator RSS Suite. FeedDemon has reached version 2.0 final this week and is also capable of synchronizing with NewsGator Online.

So, this means I can now synchronize my feeds between my favourite MacOSX aggregator and a decent Windows aggregator through the NewsGator API. That’s just fantastic!

Keep up the good work, guys!