As my interest is growing in learning what the differences are between Java and .NET, I started looking for a .NET equivalent for eclipse and I found some interesting stuff.
First of all there is this article: Eclipsing .NET. The author talks about how eclipse can be set up to build C# applications using C# Plugin by Improve Technologies.
This seems interesting for C#, but it doesn’t cover ASP.NET.

But I will give it a try.
A first thing I want to do is to take a look at the code from RSS Bandit and try to compile it.

Besides the C# plugin for eclipse I also found links to 2 other projects: ASP.NET Web Matrix and SharpDevelop, but I will take a look at those later.

Does anyone has experience with the C# plugin for eclipse or with one of the other mentioned solutions? Or are there any other possiblities?