Maha Sarakham

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In November my wife and I went back to Thailand to visit her family in Maha Sarakham. It’s the first time I actually stayed with her family. It was mind blowing to experience the rural life in Isan (North-East Thailand).
As it’s difficult for me to type now, I will try to share this experience by posting some pictures:

the ricefields

local buddhist temple

the local monks

the place we stayed: the house of Nid's grandmother

huge butterfly

Nid's cousins, ready to go to school

people working on the ricefield


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  1. I so happy to read your messages, and I hope that , you may happy with coming to Thailand
    love my friend( Nid ) too much please ,

  2. Post

    Hey Aom, it’s great that you’re visiting my website! How are you doing?

    I was very happy to come to Thailand and it was very nice to meet you and the gang. I hope next time I will be in better shape when we go on a trip. 😉

    You can be sure that Nid gets a lot of love in here, don’t worry about that, everyone loves her here in Belgium! 🙂

  3. Hello ! Wouter… I was very nice to meet you too. Thanks
    for you love my friend and take care her like good. Tell nid that,
    I love her and miss her so much >>>>
    and I miss you too.hahaha

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