So, I finally found some time to write about my findings at the JavaOne conference. The previous nights I was allways so exhausted by the time I arrived in my hotel room that I didn’t find the energy any more to write a blog post. But today it’s a bit better.

Our first day started with visiting all the boots at the pavilion. The most frequently used sentence out there was without any doubt: May I scan your badge please?
I’m not gonna write about every session we’ve attended, because that would take me too far. It’s a fact that not all of the sessions met our expectations, some of them were too detailed, others were too shallow. Of course this also depends a lot on our foreknowledge about the subject.
A very nice thing to do after a tiring day on monday was to go to the JBoss cocktail reception at the top floor of the San Francisco Marriot (where the view is really fantastic). Some nice photos about this party can be found at Michael Yuan’s blog.