Everyone who knows me, knows that I have been travelling a lot since I became 30. In those 6 years I have made an intercontinental trip at least once per year. And after every trip the feeling gets stronger that I want to travel even more. I try to make every trip as long as possible, but I only have 5 weeks of paid holiday per year and from time to time I need smaller breaks from work as well. This means that the longest trip so far was only 3,5 weeks and it will be hard to make a longer trip.

Working on the beach

But this travel virus has really bitten me hard, so I started dreaming about a life in which I can go wherever I want, all around the world and still continue to do my job. I work as a webdeveloper, which is in theory something I can do from everywhere, I only need a laptop and a working internet connection.

Meanwhile 2 women from Ghent, Ine and Catherine, whose blogs I was already following for quite some time, started their first experiment in lifestyle design: nomadz.nu. They proved that it is possible to run a business in Belgium and do the work remotely from 3 different countries. It goes without saying that this made me dream even more.

Another website I then discovered was Tropical MBA: “Start and Grow a Global Business From Your Laptop”. Seeing that other people can pull off a business like that is really inspiring.

So since then I’ve already spend many many hours reading about location independent businesses and about making money online. In my next posts I plan to go into more detail about more interesting websites I discovered and maybe also about some ideas I have in mind.