40 in Rome

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To celebrate my 40th birthday I invited friends and family on a city trip to Rome. Needless to say we had a blast 🙂 Below are some of the sightseeing pictures. The party pictures might follow. Or not.

Back home after an amazing trip in Asia

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After traveling for more then 4 weeks in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, I made it back home now, ready to start working again on Monday. Needless to say it is quite some adjustment to come back from a tropical country into windy, rainy and snowy Belgium. Luckily the jetlag is not hitting me hard and I feel well rested. My plan to write about my adventures while I’m traveling didn’t really work out, but I’m still planning to write …

Venture out

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Enough with being brave and serious, just 2 more weeks and it’s time to venture out. 😉 I’ll tell more later here about my travel plans for this New Year and January, but for now I just want to share these 3 minutes of pure travel inspiration:

Dreaming about location independence

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Everyone who knows me, knows that I have been travelling a lot since I became 30. In those 6 years I have made an intercontinental trip at least once per year. And after every trip the feeling gets stronger that I want to travel even more. I try to make every trip as long as possible, but I only have 5 weeks of paid holiday per year and from time to time I need smaller breaks from work as well. …

It’s been too long!

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So…. it’s been more then a year since I last posted on my blog. Shame on me! In that previous post I wrote about our trip to Thailand in November 2010. What have I been doing since then? Well, I can summarize it in one sentence: I’ve been working hard and saving up all my holidays to be able to make a nice trip to Thailand and Indonesia in the end of 2011. And that holiday was just fantastic! My …

Maha Sarakham

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In November my wife and I went back to Thailand to visit her family in Maha Sarakham. It’s the first time I actually stayed with her family. It was mind blowing to experience the rural life in Isan (North-East Thailand). As it’s difficult for me to type now, I will try to share this experience by posting some pictures:

Land of the smiles

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Right, I think it’s about time I reveal those interesting topics I wrote about 4 posts ago. Although people who know me already know about those topics. First topic: this sunday I fly to Bangkok for 4 weeks of backpacking in Thailand! 😉 Second topic: I bought a new apartment! New meaning they are building it now, and it should be ready by Q4 of 2009. 🙂 So, you can expect a lot of news about these 2 topics in …