Steven Noels wrote an interesting article about the business plan of his company Outerthought.

For me it was very interesting not only because it explains well what their activities are, but also because it made me think about my “business plan”. Of course I don’t really need a business plan for the moment, since I am only studying now. But I should be looking for a job very soon and it’s important that I know very good what I want to do in the future.
I’m trying to say that I am learning about several technologies right now, like for example Struts and Cocoon, and it all seems so interesting to me that I want to know all these technologies. Steven’s article made me see that maybe it’s better for me to focus on one of those technologies in stead of trying to learn something about all of them. I’m glad that No�l Vaes will be explaining all he knows about Struts to us very soon, so that should give me a little more direction.

While writing this article I also learned another thing: my english is far from what it should be. I always have to think too long to find the right words to explain what I want to say. And I’m rewriting every sentence at least once. Maybe I’d better write in Dutch, my native tongue, but a lot of people won’t understand what I’m writing. Damn.
So, sorry if I make mistakes, but I will keep on trying to write in english, as it is a good excercise too.