Today I recieved the wonderful news that Domino Developer Network (“DDN”) is reintroducing FREE Domino web hosting:

Domino Developer Network was started with the intention of making Domino hosting accessible and affordable to individual developers and small companies who generally didn’t have easy access to Domino outside of a traditional corporate environment.

Over the years, as our client base grew, so did things such as our infrastructure needs and support requirements. Over time, we had to charge for our services in order to offset the increased costs we incurred. We now host over 800 customers in 52 countries and more than 3,000 websites! Although we’ve been able to stay extremely competitive and offer a wide variety of services and features to our customers, we always regretted not being able to support free accounts as a public service to the Domino community. As a result, we’ve designed a light-weight hosting plan that we will again be able to offer free of charge! The FREE plan offers only a subset of the features available with our fee-based plans, but we feel you will still find the free service of great value.

Sign up for your FREE account now at

I will soon try to put my old “Notes.BE” site back online again. 🙂