About this website

wouter.net has been around since 1998. It started out as a static website, but I had soon build my own custom CMS with PHP and MySQL.
The website has been running on many different software. It’s nice to see this evolution now

Evolution of wouter.net
    • Static website in HTML
    • Custom CMS with PHP and MySQL
    • Custom CMS build in Lotus Notes (yes, I used to be a Lotus Notes developer back then)
    • Roller (when I became a Java Developer)
    • Movable Type
    • WordPress
It would be nice to have the old versions of the website back online again, just for nostalgic reasons, but I’m not sure if I still have all the code.

About Wouter

    • Wouter Vernaillen
    • 42 jaar
    • living in Belgium, but traveling around often
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