2012 wasn’t an easy year for me, because of my divorce. But it’s typically in those times, when many things you believed in have been put upside down, that you re-think what you want to do in life.

Times like that bring the ideal opportunity to change things even further and finally start doing those things I always dreamed of.

So, I started 2013 with renewed energy and I have set some challenging goals:

  • Sports: do sports at least 2 times per week, preferable 3 times.

    Also learn front crawl swimming because I can only do breaststroke now. I’m already following swimming classes every Saturday since early January.

    Doing sports is very important to me, because I have to sit behind the computer all day to do my work, so I really need the body movement. And I believe that “Fitness can Help Through any Transition in Your Life“. An interesting article, btw.

  • Music: spend more time on my favorite hobby. This means listening to music, finding new and interesting new bands, enjoy some dj-ing at home and attend concerts and festivals.
    Of course this is not a big challenge for me, as it is my favorite hobby, but I neglected this hobby too much in the last year because I was too preoccupied with other things.
  • Social: spend more time with real friends and invest more in those relationships. I’m aware that I also neglected this during my marriage and divorce, but this will definitely change!
  • Business: start my own business. This is happening already and I’m all excited about it!

    This is the reason why I’m posting this only now and not in begin of January, because obviously I didn’t want my boss to find out yet. But meanwhile I have quit my job and I’m busy now starting up my own consulting company.

    I’m already assigned for 6 months on a first project, so things are looking bright. 🙂