A blog aggregator

Wouter Technology

I started to rebuild this site using Struts, because I am planning to extend the possibility to syndicate other rss feeds. I see it as my own blogrolling system where I can see the topics on each blog and even read the content of the topics. And when that system …

The quest for work

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Yesterday noon I was interviewed by someone from an Antwerp consultancy company after I sent my curriculum to them. Of course I did hope they would offer me a job, but apparently they don’t have any projects where they can fit me in right now. Nevertheless it was a very …


Wouter Technology

Version 3 of A List Apart has been launched yesterday. ALA is a site “For people who make websites” and contains a lot of interesting articles about web standards.

A new server

Wouter Technology

Today i moved Wouter.Net to a new server. I opened a VPS account at RimuHosting, and I’m really impressed by the possibilities of such a VPS account. It’s like your managing your own reallinux webserver. I allready installed Apache 2.0.46, Tomcat 4.1.27, the mod_jk2 module and a mysql server. It …

CSS Rollovers

Wouter Technology

Petr Stanicek shows us a brilliant way of doing pure CSS Rollovers at his site. No preloading is needed at all ! He simply puts all pictures into one image and changes the background position on rollover.

Learning Struts

Wouter Technology

I’m having a great time right now learning Struts. No�l is doing a great job explaining us this nice framework. So, by the end of this week I should understand what struts are all about and be able to build my own application based on struts. Next weekend I hope …

Flanders International Film Festival Ghent

Wouter Culture

Today was the first day of the Film Festival in Ghent (where I live). Unfortunately I do not have the budget to visit a lot of films. Maybe I’ll pick one or two from the program, because some of them are looking really promising. One thing I will certainly visit …

Email Address Enkoder

Wouter Technology

On Jeffrey Zeldman‘s site I found a link to Enkoder 6.0, a very usefull and free anti-spam email address encoder created by Hivelogic. Posting your email address on your web-site is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of spam. One way to protect yourself is to “encode” your …