40 in Rome

To celebrate my 40th birthday I invited friends and family on a city trip to Rome. Needless to say we had a blast Below are some of the sightseeing pictures. The party pictures might follow. Or not.


Back home after an amazing trip in Asia

After traveling for more then 4 weeks in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, I made it back home now, ready to start working again on Monday. Needless to say it is quite some adjustment to come back from a tropical country into windy, rainy and snowy Belgium. Luckily the jetlag is not hitting me hard and I feel well rested. My plan to write about my adventures while I’m traveling didn’t really work out, but I’m still planning to write …


Venture out

Enough with being brave and serious, just 2 more weeks and it’s time to venture out. 😉 I’ll tell more later here about my travel plans for this New Year and January, but for now I just want to share these 3 minutes of pure travel inspiration:


A Brave New Year!

2012 wasn’t an easy year for me, because of my divorce. But it’s typically in those times, when many things you believed in have been put upside down, that you re-think what you want to do in life. Times like that bring the ideal opportunity to change things even further and finally start doing those things I always dreamed of. So, I started 2013 with renewed energy and I have set some challenging goals: Sports: do sports at least 2 …

Formentor, Mallorca

My summer challenge

Since I traveled to Thailand and Indonesia last December the location independent dream never left my mind. I have been reading a lot of blogs about internet business and listened to every episode of some very very interesting podcasts. Then 2 weeks ago my wife and me went on holiday to beautiful Mallorca and I decided to not take a laptop and have an internet-less holiday. But I brought a hardcover edition of The 4 Hour Workweek and I read …


My Entrepreneurial DNA

In DC, the private network for online entrepreneurs that I recently joined, someone mentioned BOSIdna, a tool to test your entrepeneurial dna. Since I’m wondering if I could be an entrepeneur, I decided to take the test. The result is quite remarkable because it is spot on! It is pinpointing the exact reasons why I’m hesitating endlessly to start my own business, even if I always wanted to start a business. According to BOSIdna I am an Opportunist Innovator: It …


Dreaming about location independence

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have been travelling a lot since I became 30. In those 6 years I have made an intercontinental trip at least once per year. And after every trip the feeling gets stronger that I want to travel even more. I try to make every trip as long as possible, but I only have 5 weeks of paid holiday per year and from time to time I need smaller breaks from work as well. …